Enviromacs International

Faster. Safer. More economical. At Enviromacs International, we’re raising the bar in the petroleum tank cleaning, railcar, and food-grade tank cleaning industry. 

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, including the MegaMacs tank cleaning system, we can save your operation considerable time and money while delivering superior results — all while using more environmentally friendly methods.

Environmental Responsibility

We realize the importance of planning for future generations.Compared to traditional cleaning methods, our processes are safer and more effective.

Modular Design and Fabrication

All of these self-contained systems are unique in their modular construction and offer the user a long list of benefits:

  • Modular construction means faster on site installation or set up
  • Units are self-contained and require little or no outside support equipment
  • Minimal water or cleaning solution is used during washing operations
  • Product recovery benefits customers while reducing waste disposal
  • Minimizes operators exposure to risk inherent environments
  • Operator friendly design and innovative system accessories increase production
  • Top notch factory support and training insures years of worry free operation

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  • Petroleum tank cleaning
  • Aviation fuel tank cleaning
  • Railcar tank cleaning
  • Food-grade tank wash
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Pipeline & lagoon cleaning
  • Sludge disposal

Oil Storage Tank Cleaning

MegaMacs Oil and Fuel Tank Cleaning

Mega Macs Equipment enables safe, efficient, cost-effective oil storage tank cleaning…


Kosher Food-grade Tank and Tanker Wash Services

Kosher Food-Grade Tank and Tanker Wash Services


Railcar Tank Cleaning

Customized Railcar Cleaning Solutions